How to Keep Your Home Secure During a Renovation

If you have been living in a home for a long time or you have recently purchased ones, you might need to think about renovating the building. There are some improvements you can do on your own over a period of time, but there are some that force to hire a pro to do.

Some renovations will take weeks or even months to complete. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring people to help you, there are some tips to keep your home secure that you need to keep in mind. Below are some of the tips.

Ensuring the contractors coming to your home are insured and certified

Insured contractors tend to have a better understanding of their crew. Many of them will not risk their reputation or certification or even paying higher premiums by hiring workers who are trouble. Many of the workers have been working with the contractor for many years, and this will give you peace of mind during the project.

Know the number of workers coming

While contractors might not be able to tell you the exact number of people working on the project, what they can do is give you an estimate of workers. The number of workers can change depending on the work being done, with some days having more workers than others. It is important to know the number of people in your home so you can properly plan.

Asking the workers to use a different door if possible

This might not be possible when works are being done on the second floor of your home. But if it is a kitchen remodeling project, then you should ask the workers to enter using the kitchen door because it will make it easier for you to keep track who is in the house and where. The children will also know the areas of the house that are off-limits.

Ensuring that all holes have been secured

This can be a hole in the yard used in accessing plumbing, or even holes in the drywall used in accessing the electrical wires, or even holes created when installing a new window or door. Before the contractors leave, make sure they have sealed all holes. This will help in preventing accidents and also in deterring critters and even people who want to break into your premises.

Locking all doors and windows

How to Keep Your Home Secure During a RenovationOnce the contractors have left, you should take a walk around your compound and make that all windows and doors have been properly locked. This will keep out unwelcomed visitors and other elements.

Keeping the area well lit

Floodlights are very effective when it comes to deterring criminals from snooping on your home. They will see that your windows and doors are secure, and if they were to try and break in, they would be easily seen.

Inform the alarm company

If the renovation being done will add a new door, wing, or finishing a space that was not previously used, then it is a good idea to let your alarm company so that they can make sure that all the areas have been covered by the system. You should let them know even if you and doing renovations on areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. They might be able to help you in setting up a special alarm access code to be used by the contractors. The alarm company will be able to know when an alert has been triggered when you were not at home but the contractors were there.

Make sure children know safety rules

If there are children around, make sure they know the dangers around them and they should always follow safety rules when close to the renovation site. They should also know about strangers. They should always stay away from power tools. If you are going to live in the house being renovated, it is important for everyone living inside to know safety rules.

Doing renovations is an exciting thing, no matter how small or big it is, but there are some people who will see it as an opportunity to break in. You should always have the safety of your family in mind. You can secure your home during renovations by applying the tips listed above.

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